An alternative to large agencies.
We strip away the bureaucracy and inefficiency.

We streamline communication between our clients and our software technicians by eliminating that gauntlet of gatekeepers who would otherwise impede progress by slowing the process. Account managers and project managers found at larger agencies are used to “manage the client” while their designers and developers are secluded in their offices to “be creative”.

But our clients deal with no middle men. From day one, you work closely and directly with those doing the actual work. We have no project or account managers to bill extra for very little added value.

We augment your existing team.

Let’s be frank. The type of person who is great at maintaining your existing systems is not the same type of person who gets up every day itching to solve new problems and evolve your business. They just aren’t. We augment your existing resources to solve the big problems then stabilize and return the maintenance to your staff to maintain. Stand on our shoulders and reach new heights.

Smart strategies from
reliable research

Design and development are only the first steps. You need a solid plan and proper management to get a positive ROI for your technology investment. What resources and budget will it take to run in production? Do you have a disaster recovery plan ready for when the inevitable strikes? What if you need to change technology vendors? Do you have the proper documentation and access to your systems & source code to make the switch? We can help you with this.

Web, Mobile, and Enterprise Software Development

Our core expertise is design, development, and deployment of robust scalable applications and infrastructure management to securely operate these applications on the Internet. What would happen if you could eliminate all the gatekeepers and pitch men to work directly with the experienced designers and engineers you need to accomplish your objectives? This would enable a more effective use of your budget and quicker turnaround for your projects. Take a look at some of our past projects and contact us to discuss your specific needs.

What makes Germinal Resources different

I set out to build a company that focused solely on delivering great results for my customers. I couldn't rely on the legacy of past employers as the basis for my new company. Instead, I challenged the conventional formula and created a new approach and process.       - Michael Ritchie, Founder

  • Partners on every
    piece of business

    At previous companies, we'd pitch new business and move on to the next pitch. At Germinal Resources our clients work with the people who actually do the design & engineering - Partners included. We believe it fosters trust and confidence in what you buy, and helps ensure we only pitch the business we want.

  • Small, agile,
    creative teams

    No teams of 20 people where you have no clue what 12 of them do. Germinal Resources was built by engineers for engineers. This translates into a more effective use of your budget.

  • Direct Access

    No more "broken telephone" or account managers promising things that can’t be delivered. Unlike our competitors, we want our clients to have direct access to the people who are actually doing the work.

  • Focused on the entire application lifecycle

    Design, engineering, and production operations. We believe that building back-end technology (content management infrastructure, data and application layer) isn't a different business from designing user experiences and that you have to be great at both to deliver a good product. Every project we work on requires collaboration with client technology teams. We've gotten very good at leveraging the capabilities of our partners to provide a best-in-breed approach.